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Photo Credit: Josh Brown

Samantha Alger, PhD

I am an ecologist specializing in pollinators with one foot in research and another in consulting. I am a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Vermont where I teach beekeeping, conduct research on bee disease, and direct the Vermont Bee Lab.

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Sydney Miller
Lead Technician

I am a junior studying Ecological Agriculture and Animal Science at UVM. My experience involves agricultural operations, with an interest in how their practices impact wild populations and natural ecosystems. I serve as the lab and field technician for the Vermont Bee Lab’s diagnostic services and various research projects focusing on honey bee pests and diseases.

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Photo Credit: Josh Brown

P. Alexander Burnham, PhD
Technical Advisor

I am a data scientist and computer programmer in the University Vermont's department of biology. My work focusses on understanding disease transmission between bumblebees and honeybees through a combination of mathematical modeling, lab experiments and field surveys. In addition to my work with pollinators, I am part of a research collaboration between UVM and UMaine that is examining how climate change will affect wild plant and animal communities, agriculture, and by extension, the human populations that rely upon them.