Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of containers should I use for my samples? Samples can be stored in any clean and sealable plastic, glass or metal container. Unused Sample containers can be picked up at the UVM Horticulture Farm in the VBL drop off box located in front of the gate or at the other drop box locations.

Can I send a sample of bees from my dead colony? We are now accepting samlpes from winter dead-outs! For dead-out samples:

  • Collect 1/2 cup of bees (~300) from the cluster (not off the bottom board)

  • Bees should not be moldy

  • Store sample of bees in 70% ethanol or windshield washer fluid until they can be brought to the lab

I’d like to deliver my samples, how should I do this? You may hand deliver samples along with printed forms to one of our drop box locations:

  • UVM Horticulture Farm: 65 Green Mountains Dr., South Burlington, VT

  • Moore Free Library: 23 West St. Newfane, VT

  • Bent Northrup Library: 164 Park St., Fairfield, VT

Note: the UVM Hoticulture Farm drop box is located in front of the gate. Samples can be dropped off and fresh containers can be picked up from the same box. The location of the box is circled in red in the picture below.

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Images of the drop off UVM Hort Farm box are below.

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Can I send my samples to the lab through the mail? You can send your samples through the mail, however, since isopropyl or ethanol are both flammable you must use USPS Retail Ground, Parcel Select or Parcel Select Lightweight. Send properly sealed and labeled containers along with appropriate paperwork to the lab at:

​Vermont Bee Lab
​Jeffords Building, Room 220
​63 Carrigan Drive, Burlington, VT

Do we conduct apiary visits? We do not currently provide apiary inspection services. If you need an apiary visit, we suggest contacting the Vermont Apiary Inspector, Brooke Decker by email at [email protected].

I submitted my sample form online. Do I need to also include the PDF printed version with my samples? No, if you filled out the online submission form, you do not need to include the PDF version.

What kind of information should I include under ‘apiary notes’? Apiary notes can include any information that you think would prove helpful in assessing the health of your colony. Some suggestions include the status of the queen (egg laying, queenless), colony health history, or any signs of pests or disease that has been observed.

Do I need to include my apiary’s address and GPS coordinates? No. Please provide one of these options, not both.